• Dont Pay Your Traffic Ticket Online.

    By Curtis Sluder | January 25th, 2022

    (until you read this) Contact Traffic Lawyers Free The Police officer or Patrolman who gave you your traffic ticket may have told you that you can go online and pay your ticket by credit card. While this is true, it is NOT a good idea in most cases.  SPEEDING just 11 MPH over the limit will allow your insurer to  raise your insurance rates by AT LEAST 45% per year for 3 YEARS if you admit your...

  • Exclusive: Why you shouldn’t pay your ticket ahead of time.

    By Curtis Sluder | January 3rd, 2022

    Curtis Alan Sluder I decided to start answering basic questions that folk ask online about traffic and other matters. I actually enjoy helping people out with traffic matters, and I hope my explanations below are helpful. Question: “If you pay a ticket before your court date do you still have go?” The answer to this is straight forward, but before paying the ticket there are several things you should consider. ...

  • Clean your Criminal Record: Expunction opportunities

    By Curtis Sluder | December 19th, 2021

    Previously, I posted about new expunction laws being passed in 2018. These laws opened up the ability to get charges expunged from your record. Again, the legislature has acted to make non violent offenses eligible for expunction. This makes expunction more accessible to defendants. Now certain misdemeanor and felony offenses resulting in conviction can be expunged. This is good news. Even some traffic matters can be expunged. Our attorneys...

  • How Radar Works

    By Curtis Sluder | December 31st, 2019

    How Radar Works  By Curtis Sluder  Basically, radar works by sending out a series of radio waves at a specific frequency then calculating the change in frequency when the waves return. Think of the waves as “wiggling” at a certain speed.  When these waves hit things, they bounce off and are scattered in different directions.  Some of the radio waves that hit an object are reflected back to the device that sent out the radio waves. These waves...

  • New Laws Open more possibilities for expunction and cleaning your record

    By Curtis Sluder | April 27th, 2018

    After court is over, and you have either had your case dismissed, been found not guilty, or found guilty and you have taken your lumps. It is over, right? Not so fast. Even if your charge has been dismissed, your criminal record still shows that you were charged with a crime. If you were found or pled guilty, the mark on your record is even greater. And who sees this? Potential employers. College applications. Those entering the military....

  • Minnesota case before US Supreme Court could limit Meyers Decision- Or cement it.

    By Curtis Sluder | April 21st, 2016

    Story here A Minnesota case before the US Supreme Court Could further explain the Meyers Decision- when must officers get a warrant in order to take your blood, breath, or urine?

  • Over half the States now require ignition interlock for 1st time DWI offenders

    By Curtis Sluder | April 15th, 2016


  • History of District Court in NC

    By Curtis Sluder | March 17th, 2016

    An interesting article published in the NC Bar Journal I wanted to share here. http://www.ncbar.com/journal/archive/journal_21,2_anniversary.pdf

  • Police use of Tasers

    By Curtis Sluder | January 25th, 2016

    4th Circuit opinion on use of tazers

  • States must consider parole for juveniles serving mandatory life sentences, Supreme Court says

    By Curtis Sluder | January 25th, 2016

    Supreme Court Applies Miller v. Alabama Retroactively

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