New Laws Open more possibilities for expunction and cleaning your record

Published April 27th, 2018

After court is over, and you have either had your case dismissed, been found not guilty, or found guilty and you have taken your lumps. It is over, right? Not so fast. Even if your charge has been dismissed, your criminal record still shows that you were charged with a crime. If you were found or pled guilty, the mark on your record is even greater. And who sees this? Potential employers. College applications. Those entering the military. Obtaining a professional license, leasing a residence, possessing a gun for home defense, all can be stopped short because of a smudge on your record.

Even travelling out of the country can be much more difficult due to marks on your record. Even Canada!

Recent changes in NC Law may make it possible to clean your record, once and for all!

Governor Roy Cooper signed a bi-partisan bill that went into effect December 1, 2017, which may make it possible to have convictions, diversions, and unlimited dismissals EXPUNGED!

If you have a misdemeanor conviction more than 5 years old, or
*some* non-violent Felony convictions, (level H and I) more than 10 years old,

Dismissals, no matter how old,
Deferred prosecution, 90-96 Drug Diversion, Convictions before age 18, and some other charges,
You may be eligible for an expunction.
For a free evaluation of your charges, to determine if you are eligible.
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