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Thank you for visiting our page. Since 1998, we have been helping drivers with a variety of charges, from all 50 states. 

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Please contact us with the basic details of your charge: The county where you were charged, what you are charged with, and your contact information.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Why you should not pay your ticket until you speak to our office.

Even a minor moving violation will cause your rates to increase in almost all cases, if you pay it “as is”. Recently, North Carolina launched an “online” ticket payment site. BEWARE! Take a look at our website PayNCTicketOnline.com or more here at Sluderlaw.com before you do this. Your insurance will most likely increase if you pay your ticket online, without a lawyer. With most traffic matters, there are ways to obtain dismissal of charges, or modifications to non-moving violations or other offenses in order to prevent these increases.

License points and Revocations

NC law can be very harsh when it comes to otherwise minor traffic matters. There are over 70 ways to lose your privilege to drive in this state.  Please do not assume that your minor ticket will not have serious consequences. Driving as little as 15 mph over the limit can result in a revocation under some circumstances. Just two tickets in a 12 month period can result in a revocation in some circumstances. If you are an out of state driver, please be aware that NC is a member of both the Driver License Compact (DLC) and the Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC). These are agreements among the states to report traffic violations and suspensions to each other.  NC Convictions follow drivers home.

Our experienced attorneys have been preventing these consequences for our clients in all but the rarest and most severe cases. And even then, we can help. Contact us today! 828-254-9505

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