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You may not need to be present in traffic court, if you have a Rutherford County speeding citation and hire our lawyers to represent you. We will examine your case for errors or mistakes made by the officer. We look for any legal defense, and if that fails, we will enter into negotiations with the District Attorney, or one of his assistants on your behalf. Our goal is always to eliminate or minimize insurance increases, save you license point increases, and save you the hassle of attending traffic court (often more than once for the same case.)

Are you looking for a traffic lawyer near you? Look no further. Do you have a Rutherford County Traffic Ticket? We have been handling speeding tickets and other traffic matters since 1998.

Good Traffic Lawyers Save You Stress.

We are in Rutherford County Traffic Court each week. Some lawyers continue cases until they have several, and make one trip to court. We go every chance we get. over the years, we have learned that sometimes a great deal can be missed. I find it much better for our Rutherford County traffic lawyers to be in court regularly.

When, for some reason, I cant get the deal I want, I continue your case to speak to a different or higher ranking assistant. Routinely, I will take cases to the Elected DA himself. Obviously, these regular court appearances help us get the best deals, and our long time relationships with the DA’s, Clerks, and Bailffs make negotiations smooth and effective for our firm. To get the best deal on a Rutherford County Traffic Ticket, one may need permission to attend a defensive driving class. Later, they may return to court again to close the case once completed. We save you both trips to court, and sometimes more than that.

Most Rutherford County Traffic Court calendars have hundreds of defendants. They all line up in the courtroom, or the hallway and stairs, and one at a time speak to an assistant District Attorney about thier case. Your time is too valuable to spend it in a line of a hundred people. This is especially true with Covid-19 still causing problems for Americans. Let our Traffic Lawyers handle the courtroom activity for you.

Why hire our Rutherford County Traffic Lawyers?

You may have been solicited by many lawyers, and now you are trying to find the best traffic lawyer for your traffic ticket. Here are a few things to consider when making your Rutherford County Traffic Lawyer choice. We have more experience with traffic law than most lawyers in WNC- if not all lawyers. I teach traffic law to other attorneys. I have presented multiple Continuing education classes to other attorneys in the area on the subject of traffic law. Our lawyers are routinely quizzed by other lawyers, clerks, police, and judges on matters of traffic law. Having practiced near you since 1998, you can be confident your case is a priority with our Ritherfordton, Rutherford County traffic lawyers.

Why does experience matter? North Carolina has some of the most confusing and convoluted traffic laws in the country. For example, did you know that a person with a perfect driving record who recieves ticket for just 16 mph over the limit would find their license suspended if found guilty as charged? Or that 2 tickets over 55 (by any amount) in a year suspends your North Carolina Driving Privilege? Our experienced traffic and criminal lawyers understand the ins and outs of North Carolina Traffic Law. We are ready to put our legal experience to work for you.

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What do we need to get started? Just some basic information so we can look up your citation. Please send us the county in which you were charged with the speeding or other traffic ticket; the correct spelling of your name (as listed on the citation) and your telephone number or email address. We will look up your charges and start the process to set your mind at ease.

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