Tips when Being Arrested

Published December 2nd, 2014

When it comes to being arrested, different people react in different ways. Some react in a way that is understandable given their predicament but nonetheless can be detrimental to their case. While no one really plans on getting arrested (at least anyone of a sound mind), there are a few things you should know in case you ever do. The general rule of thumb to follow when arrested is to do as you are told but there are also a few things you should never do…

  1. Don’t Proclaim your Innocence – An officer only needs probable cause to arrest you so trying to convince him or her of your innocence is typically useless and a waste of energy. Remember that anything you say can be used against you.
  2. Don’t Run – Sounds obvious but sometimes people – whether guilty or innocent – get in a panic and run. Not only are the chances of you getting away slim to none, you may also risk needless injury during the arrest since officers may presume you are armed. In addition, you may face additional charges for running and trying to evade officers.
  3. Don’t Run Your Mouth – Keep your mouth shut – suspects who are very talkative usually divulge information that can damage their case.
  4. Don’t Resist Arrest – Again, it may sound obvious but even a slight resistance (such as swatting away an officer’s hands) can be construed as resisting arrest and a minor misdemeanor could easily become a more serious felony charge.
  5. Don’t Give Permission to Search – If the police ask to search your property, politely decline. This indicates they do not have a warrant and need your permission to do so.
  6. Don’t React to a Search – If the police do search your home or your car, avoid reacting to the search. For example, don’t look towards places you don’t want them to search and remain calm and collected. Acting nervous and strange will only draw attention and make it seem as though you are hiding something.
  7. Don’t Be Gullible – Once you are booked at the station, the police may tell you certain things in order to get you to talk. In most places, the law allows the authorities to lie in order to get suspects to make admissions. Simply tell them you would like a lawyer present before you answer any questions.

While these are just a few of the things you should avoid doing when arrested, the one imperative thing you should do is get a reputable criminal lawyer who can offer valuable guidance after your arrest


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